Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Late Mother's Day!

I thought I would put on some pictures of the kids for our Grandmas who like to see their grandkids. Happy M's Day, Mom Sharon and Mom Carol! We love you and are thankful for your love, prayers, and kisses.

KK and his buddy, Nicolas (Elizangela and Nilton's son) on the way to Ilha Grande
Sheldon and Jens sitting by a scantily clad gal while I was throwing up somewhere.
Liza in the hat Aunt Melody bought her in New York at Uncle Rand and Aunt Vic's Wedding
Liza, Noah, Fabian and Fabiana, on the 8 hour bus trip to do baptisms for the dead. It's long but pretty fun. I can kind of relate to Laman and Lemuel having cabin fever on the ocean voyage. They got raunchy, we just get silly.

Jens posing in front of the airplane bathroom that has just been fixed after 8 months out of service! This bathroom is approximately 2 ft by 2 1/2 ft. It is right off the front room and it has been a royal pain to have our company tramp up to the bedrooms to use the "vazio."
Sheldon and KK. Love at FHE.

What is more fun than taking close up pictures in the car?Liza sporting her new bangs. This is her "mystic" look.

This was a great FHE moment. The kids were reading someone's old journal entries, maybe Jens'. It was a crack up!
Ashton is a super "hottie" in his school. The girls all love his blue eyes. He's actually had some kiss stealing going on...
This is Eliza and her cute friend, Mayara. Mayara likes Liza's high standards and Liza like Mayara's great math skills. She's a great friend when the portuguese is giving Liza fits.


  1. My sweet little family de brazil! I can't believe how great (and grown up, I know I keep saying that but its true) everyone looks. I miss you like crazy! Hope life is great!

  2. It sure looks like you guys are having fun over there. I am jealous of the ocean, not the sea sick part though.

  3. Those are awesome pictures--so ALIVE. We miss you guys. It is sad to think you are not in Utah, but we are happy that you are having a great time! Love you!

  4. Aunt Kristen! We miss you guys. We're dying to see you! Please get yourselves on "Skype" on a consistent period since it's the only way to talk with you.

    Love, Jonah and other Rindlisbacher's