Saturday, August 8, 2009

Being Happy

I've been having lots of lessons on being happy lately. I've come to the conclusion that I'm too preoccupied to be happy when I should be. It's so ironic. We've had so many hard things to deal with in Brazil that, at times, I've longed (possibly ached isn't too strong of a word) to leave. But now that we are leaving, I am sad to go. It's just another example that happiness is just a decision. If I can look BACK and think of innumerable good things, I should theoretically be able to see the good while I'm living it.
And so, I'm practicing enjoying the moment and having some good success. For example, this week has been a financial nightmare, but since we closed our office here, Sheldon has been home a lot. Bonus? We all went to the beach with Dad, which hardly ever happens, as well as several nice family lunches, and even a few MarioCart challenges between my "five" boys.
It's nice how there are perks in every situation if a person is willing to acknowledge them. Life is the pits when you only consider the negative side of the equation. If I'm going to be lopsided in how I view my life, it's better to be lopsided toward hope and happiness.

Beijos, Beijinhos, and Beijaos, Kristen