Saturday, March 14, 2009


Seminary. I never knew it could be the refiner's fire. But when you only have 25-30 minutes between picking up from school and leaving, to drive 30-60 minutes through rushhour traffic every Tuesday-Friday night, leaving your three little children hopefully fed during those 25-30 minutes, to stay at home alone for 3 hours, until you get back at 9:00, well, it's a challenge.

We started this week. Friday night we started driving, but the rain was so heavy that it was 8 inches deep in some places so we came back.

Last year, I had this same problem. At times, I had to count backwards and breathe, like during childbirth, to handle the anxiety of moving at 5 kilometers an hour, through traffic so thick that you can reach your hand out the window and touch the buses (on either side of you).

I really think I would have given up, except one particularly horrible day, Eliza sat looking somewhere out the window, and she said, "You know mom, I don't think I could survive without seminary. It's like a spiritual cleansing after I have to listen to all the smutty stuff at school all day long."

So now, I drive to seminary, and I complain, but really, I'm glad that it's important to her and that it helps her. Noah is going this year and we are picking up a boy his age too. I've heard rumors that they might split the seminary, since we are so far from the Chapel, and let some of us do our own closer to home. We'll see if that happens. It has pros and cons.


  1. Like a shaft of light piercing through dark clouds. :)

  2. Tell Eliza and Noah that they can come to my class. The trip is a little longer, but the traffic is far less busy.