Friday, March 20, 2009


FYI--In Brazil, most syllables that end in a "d" that are then followed by a consonant, have an 'ee' sound added to the end of the d. For example, KKay goes by his first name, Edmund. But no one calls him Edmund or even Edmundo. The first 'd' gets an 'ee' sound added. In other parts of Brazil it might sound like, Eddy-mundo. But the accent in Rio is such that
a "de" is pronounced like the letter "g". That means that KKay's name comes out, Edgey-mundo.

KKay-Edemundo is our first child to go to a regular school from the beginning. He is extremely diligent in his schoolwork. He absolutely will not tolerate being late to school. I bought him a Ben-10 watch and he tells me minute for minute how close he is to being late. His teacher is the ultimate authority. If she says he has to buy the workbook to learn English like the other portuguese speakers in his class, then there is no other alternative. Even the principal, who assured him that he doesn't have to buy it, cannot be believed. He wants to get his homework done the second he gets home from school. If, as usual, I don't have time to do it with him at night (when we're going to seminary) I suggest we do it in the morning, since school doesn't start until 1:00pm. If this happens, his first waking thought is to do his homework. I usually have to explain that I meant I would help him AFTER I make breakfast.

Today was Ashton's birthday. I put KKay off to make carrot cake waffles and we were all sitting down to eat them. KKay had his workbook beside him at the table, indifferently eating (because he is never really hungry in the morning), waiting for me to finish my breakfast and help him.

Noah looked over at KK and took in the situation. "KKay..." he menaced. "KKay, I'm going to do your homework..." KKay immediately rejected this idea.

"KKay.....I'm going to do your homework...."

KKay knew he was being teased, but he was nervous. "Mom, Noah's not going to do my homework, right?" "Right."

"KKay, I'm going to do your homework....and I'm not going to follow the directions. Mwaaghaagh."

Only brothers truly know how to torture each other.


  1. LOL! I love it! I'm glad KKay is enjoying school. What made you decide to send him?

  2. How come I just realized you were blogging? Good to read!

    I love the brotherly love our kids show each other. They can pick on each other, but no one else can.

  3. I wish Tyler were so protective about doing his homework!! He goes to a 3 1/2 hour class a week and that is way TOOOOO MUUUCH according to him and the 2 hours worth of homework for the week is sooooooo much homework. Yea, poor thing.